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ATA Martial Arts has recruited some of the country's most accomplished martial arts instructors, each of whom brings their own personal approach to the floor. See below who they are:

Senior Master Ricardo Fabian Valino-

8th Degree Black Belt- Senior Instructor at Warrior  Martial Arts Academy, SE Palm Bay FL


Senior Master Valino began training in 1979 with Taekwondo WTF and years later Tang Soo Do in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He received his 1st Degree Black Belt at the age of 14 and has been dedicated to training ever since.  In 1993, he attended his first ATA Nationals in Orlando, FL and was struck by the professionalism and respect of ATA.  By 1995 he was a certified instructor and continued his taekwondo training with Taekwondo STF up until 2004. That year, he moved to the United States and began working as an ATA instructor with Grand Master Clark.  His wife Paula joined him a year later along with four other instructors from South America.  He has been training students in Florida and around the US for 16 years.  


In 1999, he became the first Argnetinian to earn a World Championship in Sparring.  Since then, he has earned 11 ATA world championships and numerous state titles as well.


In 2007, at age 36, he received his Master of Taekwondo with ATA. Master Valino tested for his 7th Degree with the ATA in 2012 and achieved his Senior Mastership in 2013.  He has always made it his goal as an instructor to keep the ATA growing and develop new students and instructors for the next generation of martial arts.  He is thrilled to join Senior Master Beauchamp as an instructor in Palm Bay!


enior Master Pj Beauchamp-

7th Degree Black Belt
Chief Instructor at the ATA Martial Arts Academy, SE Palm Bay FL

    Senior Master Beauchamp has been training since 1978 and is trained in Taekwondo, Tai-Chi, Ju-Jitsu, Krav Maga, & WarriorX-FIT  Kickboxing and looks back on an accomplished career, having been inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2012.  She holds 2 world championship titles and 10 state champion titles in martial arts competition. The most recent is 2014 Florida State Champion.

While working at an ATA school, she attended college and achieved her M.S. Degree in Mental Health Counseling.  She utilizes these skills in her classes and integrates the behavioral intervention skills with the children.  

Sr. Master Beauchamp achieved her mastership in 2007 and reached the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt with Grand Master Kim.  She is also an independently owned/operator of an  ATA Martial Arts school.  Master tested for her 7th Degree with the ATA in 2016 and achieved her Senior Mastership in 2017. She is thrilled to have Senior Master Valino, 8th Degree Black Belt join as the new owner of AMA Dragon Academy in SE Palm Bay, FL

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Beginning 6/15/2020




Sr. Master Valino, 4 time World Champion is the new owner of this academy!

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