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Beauchamp's Warrior Martial Arts

Martial Arts for Teens & Adults



Building your foundation for physical and character defenses!


Beauchamp's Warrior  Martial Arts offers dedicated adult classes in Taekwondo, Krav Maga & Warrior X-FIT. Throughout the year our Martial Arts Academies also offers various seminars for self-defense, bully-defense, & fitness training.


Martial art training provides a solid physical workout, but that is just one side of it.   Managing stress and learning self-defense techniques are among the vital benefits. Our Program for Teens & Adults was developed with people (men & women) ages 12 – 70 in mind.


Our primary focus is training our students to the best of their ability. Some students come to us in shape, while others have come to us 100 pounds overweight. Most come to us with limited flexibility. Teens can start at age 12 while Adults can start at any age. All students who train here have the ability to earn their BLACK BELT!


As one of OUR students, you are looked upon as an individual, never compared to anyone else. Our instructors will be there every step of the way.   All that is expected of you is a willingness to try.


Here are some benefits you can expect from training in Taekwondo:

Self-Fitness:  Martial Arts techniques are based on the design of your own body. For power you develop the larger, powerful muscle of the torso. The speed of the techniques comes from the fast, agile muscle of the arms and legs. As you progress in Taekwondo you will learn to coordinate this speed and power, and develop a concentration to focus all of your body’s strength into a small, hard striking surface like the edge of the hand or the heel of the foot.

Self-Defense: When the speed and power developed through Martial Arts is used in a self-defense situation against the soft vulnerable parts of an attacker’s body, the result can be incredible. Martial Arts allows a person to emphasize many of the natural physical strengths, such as power in the legs or arms, while learning a method of self-defense efficient against a much larger opponent. Knowing you can defend yourself, your confidence will grow. And confidence alone is usually enough to deter potential attackers.

Self-Confidence: This does not come naturally for many people, but self-confidence can be developed over a period of time,. Through our guidance, as you accomplish new goals, your confidence level increases. Martial Arts instills a sense of discipline and self-confidence that can carry over to all aspects of your life.

Beaucham['s Martial Arts also gives you greater peace of mind that if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you have heightened physical and mental skills to get yourself to safety.

The best part is that all classes are individualized.  Teens & Adults participate at their own fitness level while progressing in physical skill and mental awareness

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Class Times TRIAL Program Fees
Mon & Thurs  7:15 PM     4 Weeks $99
Fri 6:00 PM 3 times per week Includes Uniform


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Beauchamp's Warrior
Martial Arts

3590 Bayside Lakes Blvd.

Palm Bay, FL  32909

In the (New Image Dentistry)

Building. Park in the back

Phone: 321 501-3860

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